RDL Software Helps Auto Dismantlers Succeed

Redline Used Auto Parts keeps a vast database of auto salvage cars

How Does Redline Car Auction Software Work?

Car Auction

Wrecked autos are housed by auto wrecking tow car centers around the nation. Our patented software gives Redline members the opportunity to search all of these vehicles. Then, they can bid and buy wrecked cars of their choice in a virtual, car auction bidding system.

Auto Dismantlers Get the Redline Advantage

Auto Dismantlers

They benefit from these opportunities that grow their stocks of vehicles. As a result, their salvage yard businesses increase.

About the Automobile Towing Industry

The Automobile Towing Industry is an $8 billion sector

Automobile Towing Industry

According to IBIS World research statistics, it also has more than 40,000 businesses in the United States. However, many of these small towing car centers do not have an online presence, or company websites. Therefore, the ability to market their vehicle inventories and interact with dismantlers on a nationwide basis is lacking.

What Happens to Abandoned Cars?

Abandoned Cars

What’s more, many vehicles are abandoned by their owners due to accidents. It is also common for insurance companies to write off cars that are total losses.

Redline Helps Motor Vehicle Towing Services

Motor Vehicle Towing Services

Needless to say, tow truck services and auto wrecking services for motor vehicle auto parts present valuable opportunities for auto dismantlers.

How do Dismantlers Get Access to Wrecked Vehicles?

Wrecked Vehicles

Through Redline membership and thus, its car auction software.

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