Redline is Transforming the Auto Dismantler Industry

With a convenient and efficient system of buying and selling used auto parts

Real Time Auto Parts Posting Platform

Real Time Auto Parts Posting Platform

The used auto parts posting system is an online, user-friendly platform for auto dismantler members. It is an incredible business opportunity for all members. They can close deals in real time by using the RDL posting platform. As a result, used auto part listings are conveniently viewed by the entire network of RDL members. Additionally, members enjoy a search tool that allows them to easily find any auto part posted in the system.

The Consumer Text Bidding Hotline

Consumer Text Bidding Hotline

A customer looking for car parts can text his or her used auto parts request through the RDL text bidding hotline at 213-397-2092. Auto dismantlers with the part will reply to the customer’s text with their bids. Then, the customer chooses the best and most suitable offer that fits his or her budget.

How the RDL Parts Posting Platform Works

The RDL posting platform offers two valuable features

Posting Customer Auto Parts Needed

Customer Auto Parts Needed

Auto dismantlers enjoy posting the used auto parts that they need for their customers at any time, 24 hours per day. As soon as the parts are posted, all dismantlers in the RDL network can view them in real time. Then, buys or trades are arranged, and deals are made.

Viewing Customer Auto Parts Needed

Viewing Customer Auto Parts Needed

Using the RDL text bidding hotline, customers can text their needed parts right into the bidding system. As such, auto dismantlers can instantly view these text messages in the posting system with no delay. What is more, they can view all the different auto part requests texted by consumers in the RDL platform.

Both features offer opportunities for auto dismantlers by helping to increase their customer base and grow the success of their businesses.

Benefits of the Parts Posting System

Benefits of the Parts Posting System

There are many advantages that auto dismantlers members enjoy when belonging to the RDL network

  • Buying, selling, and trading used auto parts of behalf of their customers

  • Broadcasting live voice demand for used auto parts

  • VIN decoding

  • Car history reports

  • Hollander Interchange Data

Redline has a lot of other benefits. The RDL parts posting system is the perfect combination of services for auto dismantlers. They can advance their businesses and increase customers, all under one roof.

The RDL Network is Positioned at the Peak of Efficiency

RDL Network

The RDL posting network instantly exposes work orders for used auto parts to hundreds of auto dismantlers. It also supplies a highly useful and eco-friendly tool for consumers to buy used auto parts at low prices. Overall, the RDL parts posting system makes the buying, selling, and trading of used car parts simple, fair, and easy.

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